Chapter 23 Reflection

Chapter 23: Passing Through Riga on the Way Home Mr. T. was dreaming. This was to be his last night in Morovia. The party that evening at the Residence had gone on forever, with a huge, celebratory crowd present. Everyone was there. Frankly, he’d had too much to eat and far too much to drink.Sigue leyendo “Chapter 23 Reflection”

Chapter 22 Reflection

Chapter 22: The year’s hottest IPO The count down starts on May 24th the QuickerStill B-Team delivered its product, on May 29th the QuickerStill-C delivered and on May 30th the PMill-C delivered. Mr. T was happy because they actually pulled off three deliveries, all before Belok’s dates. Belok had actually committed to the distribution chainSigue leyendo “Chapter 22 Reflection”

Chapters 20 & 21 Reflection

Chapter 20: Standing on Ceremony Mr. T piled with his new consultant into the back of the Institute’s ancient Buick and told the driver to head toward the old town of Varsjop, where there were some nice little coffee shops. He looked across the car at Mr. T but I have a hunch you’re goingSigue leyendo “Chapters 20 & 21 Reflection”

Chapter 19 Reflection

Chapter 19: Part and Whole Aristotle Kenoros was a morning person. If he was going to make an appearance, it was most often the first business of the day. This morning, Mr. T arrived at his office to be told by Mrs. Beerzig that Morovia’s First Programmer was waiting for him inside. Mr. T. foundSigue leyendo “Chapter 19 Reflection”

Chapters 17, 18 and Interlude Reflection

Chapter 17: The Guru of Conflict Resolution Mr. T was telling the to dream team that they don’t know about conflict resolution, but he did not say it for only them, but for all those who were involved in all industries, he told them that they had skills as system design, system implementation, documentation, testing,Sigue leyendo “Chapters 17, 18 and Interlude Reflection”

Chapter 16 reflection

Chapter 16: PLANNING FOR THE SUMMER GAMES Mr. T. arrives at the office, I found a huge pile of documentation in black, loose-leaf notebooks waiting for him. On the huge pile of documents was an accompanying note on the engraved stationery of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, that says: “I had Hoolihan steal this fromSigue leyendo “Chapter 16 reflection”

Chapter 15 reflection

Chapter 15: Think Fast Kenoros’s letter had bought him a few weeks of respite, but then at the end of August, Mr. T. was summoned again. Mr. T. wandered past the office suite occupied by NNL, hoping that Himself might be back in town. He figured he had a few markers to call in withSigue leyendo “Chapter 15 reflection”

Chapters 13 and 14 reflection

Chapter 13: Quicker Still From the beginning, NNL had decreed that the Quicken look-alike product would be called Quickerstill. The name caught on with the teams. the result was that the performance requirement for the product had to be bumped up in order in order to justify the name of the product. There are onlySigue leyendo “Chapters 13 and 14 reflection”

Chapter 12 reflection

They’d had the assis- tance of the six product managers and the twelve newly redundant B- and C-Team managers. They’d divided them- selves up into groups of three and blitzed through ex-General Markov’s staff, looking for the best people. Now all the good developers had been combined into the six A-Teams, great idea. The officialSigue leyendo “Chapter 12 reflection”

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