Chapter 23 Reflection

Chapter 23: Passing Through Riga on the Way Home

Photo by Hamandra & Ektoplazma in Pexels

Mr. T. was dreaming. This was to be his last night in Morovia. The party that evening at the Residence had gone on forever, with a huge, celebratory crowd present. Everyone was there. Frankly, he’d had too much to eat and far too much to drink. That was probably the reason for this dream, in which he saw a swirl of smoke with a light inside and something else there, too.

The journal that had been his companion for the whole adventure was open on h s desk before him. It was turned to page 102, the first blank page. He would have liked to make a final entry, but there was really nothing he could think of that would sum up his Morovian experience.
He turned back one page to see what he’d written in what he now knew would be the last entry.

There was one more thing that wasn’t resolved, and apparently it wasn’t going to be. He hadn’t seen Lahksa since the party last night. She hadn’t turned up at the airport with all the others to see him off and when he had called her, there had been no answer.

He settled dejectedly into his seat in the corporate jet. Seafood was already asleep on the seat beside him, knocked out by his pill. Mr. T. was just strapping himself in when the steward came back to check. Mr. T falls to sleep in the jet and then a voice wake-up him “Mr. Tompkins. Wake up, sir. We’re in Riga.”

Mr. T. looked around. The airport seemed to be in the middle of a wide, pleasant meadow. There were palm trees beside the runway. The driver grunted. He opened the door, and Mr.Tomp- kins got in. Within ten minutes, they were on the outskirts of a pleasant city, mostly in sand colors and pastels. It did not look at all like the kind of northern place he would have expected Riga to be. The cab pulled up to a vast rococo palace.

Two footmen in elaborate dress escorted him through the palace. He followed them up a vast circular stairway that formed an entry into a part of the palace that, judged by a glance into its interior, was even more palatial than what he had passed through already.


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