Course Reflection

Photo by Louis Bauer in Pexels

Hi Ken, I hope you are doing very well. It has been a heavy semester more than anything due to the pandemic, which has been a very difficult situation, but well we have to continue with the classes and our activities.

This class for me was my favorite. Thank you for bringing us all those guests, from each one, I learned new things and I was able to reinforce others that I already more or less I knew. The personal finance class was one of my favorites since it opened my eyes to a new and unknown world, which I want to know, that is why I will take as a topico, I look for more information and videos on those topics that we touched in class such as how to invest, how to make your retirement plan and above all the vocabulary you learn.

For the project manager part I learned a lot, because not only was the readings but also that the guests explained to you what the real world is like and what problems you may face, it is not only directing a project, it covers many things that for many may go unnoticed but in the end, they matter. As for example communication in a project is important and should not be underestimated, you have to know how to communicate with your client, with your team, and with the other people involved. Because it is not only that the client arrives and tells you what he wants. Also thinking about your team is important so that the project can go out, you cannot enslave them to be working all day, they need a break so they can be productive, they can get sick and it is not easy to be able to incorporate other people so that they can supply, because you have to train those people and they have to understand what the other person was saying.

The book seemed very interesting to me, although some chapters did bore me, there were many that made you understand many terms of project manager, problems and how to solve them, and above all, how to work on large projects. Because it was not a small project, it was a large project that was shown and it was seen that it was difficult to carry out a project of that magnitude due to the size of the people who managed it. But it is so to speak a reflection of what we can do in the industry when we are working.

The guests who talk to us about how to undertake was great teaching since nobody comes up to you and says hey, look, do it this way or that, change this or that. Knowing that it is a difficult path makes you think that you will fail and if you are right you will fail, but from those failures you learn, because not everything is happiness, you have to face the challenges not because you want to undertake you are going to earn millions, everything is to the basis of trial and error. The fear of failure will always be there but there comes a point when you assimilate it and it becomes normal. Networking is the best way to meet people, partners, or even investors. You must know that undertaking is like having a baby, you have a responsibility that is to feed it, take care of it, and make it grow. it’s not just having it and seeing what happens. You have to work hard to see what you created grow.

With this of the Covid, I feel that many things that we are used to will change, and they will be for the better. because we must follow a guideline and we must be aware that this can happen again. For the industry, it will be different I think, as developers we can work remotely, the problem will be communication and external factors such as loss of internet or electricity. But communication must be essential to make us understand with other people, to know how to express ourselves without them thinking that we are angry or that we don’t care.

Thank you Ken for being one of the best teachers I have had throughout my career. Sorry for not making an appointment to talk to you, worse the tasks, the supplies, and now that I start working it is more difficult to manage time. But in this class I learned much more than I thought I could learn, this class exceeded my expectations and I am really going to miss having this class, I had a lot of fun with what the guests said, and above all, it is very enriching than other people tell you about their experiences.


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