Chapter 22 Reflection

Chapter 22: The year’s hottest IPO

Photo by Oziel Gómez in Pexels

The count down starts on May 24th the QuickerStill B-Team delivered its product, on May 29th the QuickerStill-C delivered and on May 30th the PMill-C delivered. Mr. T was happy because they actually pulled off three deliveries, all before Belok’s dates. Belok had actually committed to the distribution chain for all six products to begin shipping starting tomorrow. June first wasn’t even a sensible stretch goal for any of the larger projects.

A good goal is right on the edge of possible. So, it makes a lousy scheduling date. A good schedule is likely to be met, so it doesn’t make much of a goal. On June 1st, word came that NNL was finally back. Mr. Tompkins was summoned with some urgency to see him. The assistant who had made the appointment seemed almost breathless with excitement. Head Office people tended to get excited when heads were rolling or work was about to be canceled. He took the morning train to Korsach with some trepidation.

As it was during Webster’s first visit those many months ago, NNL’s office was again unlit but for the glow of his mon- itor. Again, it took a moment to locate the man, lost in the huge room. The IPO is scheduled for next week. This is a major coup. The underwriterssay it’s going to be the hottest IPO of the year.

The NNL clamed himself and start to talk with Mr. T. the underwriters inform the NNL that they have to terminate his contract before the offering. That means he gets paid off but has no further obligation to them as of the offering date. For legal reasons, apparently. New management will be after he signs on for another contract.

As soon as Mr. T. was back in his Aidrivoli office, there was a telephone call from NNL. The NNL ask for the Minister of Internal Affairs, he hasn´t seen him since he gets back. Mr. T answers that he is on extended sick leave, actually. He’s been gone for about four months.

Mr. T. was just settling down to think of something to write in his journal when the phone rang again. Mrs. Beerzig had left, so he picked it up himself. The voice on the other end was one that he might have thought he’d never hear again. “Tompkins. Look alive there. This is Minister Belok.”.

The phone connection was crystal clear. Did that mean that Belok was calling from close by? Could he be back in his office in Korsach and about to consolidate his crumbling position? Mr. T was asking his self about this.

Lean And Mean is a formula developed in failing companies by the people responsible for the failure.


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