Chapter 12 reflection

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They’d had the assis- tance of the six product managers and the twelve newly redundant B- and C-Team managers. They’d divided them- selves up into groups of three and blitzed through ex-General Markov’s staff, looking for the best people. Now all the good developers had been combined into the six A-Teams, great idea. The official org chart showed him sitting directly on top of the six A-Team managers. This was something of a fiction, generated to keep Minister Belok off their backs.

Mr. T and the A-Teams were housed in the prestigious and very visible Aidrivoli-1 building. The six product man- agers and the B- and C-Teams were all hidden away in space that the ex-General had found for them in Aidrivoli-7.

Photo by Guilherme Rossi in Pexels

Mr. T received a fax from a Cam bridge company instructing him to meet T. Johns Caporous at the Varsjop airport the next morning. When T. Johns arrives, He spoke about twice as fast as anyone Mr. T had ever met before. His words came like bullets out of a machine gun. Mr. T come to guide with some of the data they had, asked how much equipment they had and was surprised to hear the amounts of computers, people, etc. that they had at their disposal. He helped them create the numbers they needed.

Data is valuable, and this system of metrics could give them a lot of it. Belinda saw its potential and was eager to retrieve information from previous projects. In order to get it, though, a lot of research was needed. They need to find as much information as possible about past projects and their new projects in order to model their information. if not, the information that T. Johns is giving you would be of use.

After T. Johns left they saw they could look at each project in exactly the same way. At the coarsest level, the project is just a valve. They model it in terms of the teams and the partitionings and the effects of pressure and deadline and staff level and critical-path delays. For the rest of the afternoon, they closeted themselves in Mr. T. office, reconstructing the sizing algorithms that Caporous had shown them.


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