Partial II Reflection

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In this part I have learned a lot about how to undertake and how to be a good project manager. Thanks to the talks that the guests to the class have given us, there are many very important points that must be taken into account.

Entrepreneurship is not easy, as the Mexican saying goes “they are not enchiladas”. Everything takes time and you have to know that you are probably not the only one doing that, you have to know your client very well, know their needs and if your product will satisfy those needs. If there is already a product that is the same as yours, to think that it makes yours different from others, this is very complex, but you need to know the idea well and have it in a good base. As an entrepreneur you must know that it is difficult the first years and that you will not see much money, little by little you will grow and of course you will also begin to see the money back, since at the beginning you have to invest in the idea, human capital and In material to be able to carry out the idea, all that is not easy, you have to look for investors and of course not only look for any investor but rather someone who can guide you along the way. We who are young can create and undo ideas, as one guest said, being able to fail is not bad, you fail, those failures will help you to be better and to find your deficiencies and to be able to improve what we lack. It is important to recognize where we are wrong, because if we do not recognize our mistakes, we will always think that everything is okay and that we are never wrong. And that will lead us to a cycle of lies.

As a project manager you have to be in everything, not just tell me how to lead people. You have to lead a whole team, have a good communication with both the client and your team, know the times of things and be a good leader. The important thing is to have good communication in everything, because it is the way in which you are going to make yourself understood and know, if you do not know how to express what you feel it is very difficult for you to have good communication. It is also important to know your team to know what they are good at and not, to renew their moods, a worker who is distracted in the work will not make a good production for someone who if he is focused on his work, they are also people who have to rest , clear your mind to generate ideas, etc. Knowing who you are working with is important, that is, knowing your client, because it is not the same as you are doing a job just by doing it to involve the client with meetings, calls, etc., the client plays an important role in this, you have to make it your friend. Knowing what your team is working with is important, so that they do not deceive you with the times, for example saying that they are not familiar with a certain tool, when they are already familiar, only to want to waste time. It is important to manage this time in a good way to avoid eventualities, of course not all are exposed, but we can avoid many setbacks if you have good time management. It is important that you as a leader know how to handle certain things, because you not only manage people but you are involved in the whole project and if it does not go well, what can be said about you. you’ve failed as a project manager.


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The lectures are interesting in this chapter, I am missing some of the chapters but I think that on Monday or Tuesday I will be finishing, some just remain to be published. But as I mentioned in the first part, this way of understanding how to be a project manager is different from just seeing concepts and learning what they are for, here you have the opportunity to see those concepts, on your own you can investigate about those concepts and through the novel can see how they can be applied or how to do certain things. I feel that this form helps us understand the concepts because in a certain way we are seeing them in an applied way and we not only see the concept as such but we never know how it is applied. This is, so to speak, practice and theory at the same time, and at least I like that idea.

Tec Campus zoom

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Quarantining has been difficult because many times we want to go out for a bit of air or we miss our friends, but it is important to take care of ourselves to avoid COVID-19. School is difficult since some subjects are difficult to understand and now it is worse this way, there are many tasks and in some ways more stress. But all this can be avoided if one manages his time with different activities and of course fulfilling the activities of the school, without procrastination. For example, it is very easy that you do not study for an exam because of all the distractions that may be around you and more so now in quarantine. So I would recommend having a schedule to free yourself from certain things or clear your mind, you can read, exercise at home through a video, play video games for a moment, so that not all your consent goes to school or other activities, because that can absorb you and be able to do things wrong. With a schedule to continue with different activities, secondary to your main activities, I feel that time could be better managed than just saying I have my classes and then I do what I want, I hope it were like that, but there are tasks, activities to do and not you can procrastinate all the time.


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