Chapter 15 reflection

Chapter 15: Think Fast

Photo by Tom Dahm in Pexels

Kenoros’s letter had bought him a few weeks of respite, but then at the end of August, Mr. T. was summoned again. Mr. T. wandered past the office suite occupied by NNL, hoping that Himself might be back in town. He figured he had a few markers to call in with NNL, maybe enough to have Belok refocused onto some other poor soul somewhere. The NNL will return on June 1. Belok’s receptionist led Mr. T. back though several ornate rooms to the minister’s secretary.

Mr. Belok was waiting for Mr. T. to tell him that everything he was doing was costing a lot, since every year he spent $ 31.5 million and Belok did not see anything clear, because everything seemed that the products were not going to come out in the specified time and that Belok did not like. Belok says this to Mr. T. “It would be a bad day for you if you had to stay here and tell me that you weren’t going to make the first June delivery for all six products.”.

Mr. T. began to tell them the times of the products, apparently everyone could finish on date and form, but PShop was the only one that was not going to be on time that had a remnant of Six hundred measly hours of overtime scheduled project. That works out to barely ten hours of overtime per person on that project for a whole month.

Photo by Anthony in Pexels

The Olympic Games are leading international sporting events featuring summer and winter sports competitions in which thousands of athletes from around the world participate in a variety of competitions. NNL stopped in at Olympic headquarters in between his other projects and made the deal. He can be quite persuasive, what with all the resources he can bring to bear. We’ll be hosting the Olympics for the year 2000, because his personal year is the 2000.

If they want to win the venue for the Olympic Games, they have to make improvements in their cities and, most importantly, improve air traffic and the airport. They would also have to rehabilitate, build stadiums or facilities for the different disciplines apart from which they would have to see where they would house so many athletes, it is a very large investment that they have to make in order to win as a venue for the Olympic Games.

Belok has a model which had to follow the most so that the projects could come out in time. Belinda creates a model that says that increasing P initially gives you a pretty big hit of productivity. People in the business like pressure and they respond to it, at least to a bit of it. They knuckle down and really tear into the work. The model says that moderate amounts of pressure might give you a twenty five percent improvement in productivity and even a twentyfive percent decrease in total time to deliver. But that’s only true if you apply the pressure moderately.

They contacted oracle to ask how their workers worked under pressure and if we think about it, no one is good at working under pressure and clearly oracle answers that “PEOPLE UNDER PRESSURE DON’T THINK FASTER.” Working under pressure more than something that is presented is a skill of the person, if he manages all the emotions or sensations that occur when he is under pressure he can do it without problems but if he does not know it is very difficult for him to endure that rhythm of job.


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