Chapter 11 reflection

Chapter 11: The Sinister Minister Belok

Photo by emre keshavarz in Pexels

On a cool spring morning in Moravia. Mr. T on his way to work, the morning is perfect to enjoy and breathe the freshness of a new day as he walks to Aidrivoli Campus. The path where he walks is beautiful because it crossesy the vineyards and along the side of a little brook. Although you think that he only walked from A to B every day, but in Morovia this can be completely different since you can see many more things than we could find in any city. Mr. T has been for more than 3 months in Morovia and did not remember what it is to have such a happy day in his life, only in Morovia has he achieved this.

Photo by Pixabay in Pexels

To many of us it happens that sometimes we do not appreciate the paths that lead us to work, or to school and when we really stay to observe those paths we realize things as simple as colors or people who could be there every day. or some particularity of some facade. Normally we are always thinking about whether we will be on time, where we will find parking or anything else.

Mr. T was optimistic about some of the smaller projects that might be complete by then, however a project like PShop that is one of the biggest might come a year later than planned. in that project at least, was to figure out some way to gain a full year. For now, he could relax and feel good about all the things that were going right. NNL seemed like a pretty sensible fellow once Mr. T had taken a firm stand and laid down the law to him. Since their first meeting in Korsach, Morovia’s tyrant had been almost putty in his hands. He seemed comfortable to let Tompkins run his shop the way it ought to be run.

Photo by Fsuxels in Pexels

The card that the little man offered Mr. T said: Allair Belok, Minister of Internal Affairs and Deputy Tyrant. thats our sinister minister.
I think that should make things clear, the Minister repeated the words distastemy. He looked heavenward, his saintly patience tried. Then, looking back at Tompkins with a sneer: “I am, quite simply, the only indispensable person in this Morovian venture. In the past, I have been responsible for financial matters, all financial matters in NNL’s various interests.

The minister said that his particular focus is the financial. But we’ll just ignore the financial aspects of you and your rather over rewarded staff, and the outrageous costs of all those computers and networks and hubs and satellite dishes and high-speed modems and all that other rather irresponsible spending. Mr. T took a deep breath. It probably wasn’t worth it, but he had to make an effort.

Mr.Tompkins opened a file drawer and pulled out some of the simulations they’d been running over the past few days, using Dr. Jamid’s model. And he said: “Now, here, if I can just find the right sheet . . . yes, here. Look at this. and He spread the results of one run on the desk in front of Belok. “Look at this. We’re currentIy projecting 524 workdays for our PShop-A project with twelve people on board.”


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