Listen. CBC Spark #469: “Remote”

The activity for this week is to listen to this podcast episode. CBC Spark is a great podcast which relates to me more as being a Canadian podcast from CBC Radio.

Link to that episode: (Enlaces a un sitio externo.)


Working from home can be a double-edged knife, because I think this because it can happen that you you trust yourself how comfortable it is to be at home and you cannot manage in your time to do your activities. In order to organize yourself well, I think that you have to continue your daily life as before, even if you no longer go out, you have to continue with your common activities.

Photo by Caio Resende in Pexels

Something very important to be able to work at home is to have a good internet connection, since this is essential, due to different things, in order to take the classes, as is my case, I have to be zoomed in to see my teachers as If the class was normal, I also have to have a browser open to carry out the activities or upload them. The point is that in your house your relatives may also make a home office or they may only be Netflix or YouTube who are applications that demand enough broadband it is difficult to work like this.

Photo by Pixabay in Pexels

It happens to me that sometimes the internet connection is blocked by the use I am giving it and because the other people in the house use it, but I feel that if everyone agrees on what times not to use certain applications it works Well because that way the connection is not lost much.

Also an important point is to have your work area organized since it is essential to have food, good light and what you are going to use this near that area. A desk where you can write, have a laptop, a lamp, books, etc. but it must be a space especially free of noise and distractions, in my case I am in a working place of my dad, but it is close to the kitchen and I have class at 3:30 so you can hear some noise but it does not distract me, but it is important to have a good work area.

Photo by Pressmaster in Pexels

You also have to be careful with the noises that can be filtered or what could happen behind us, this more than anything to avoid embarrassment. Why can’t you just leave the microphone open and you can hear screaming, fighting, arguing or some other sounds. But also what happens behind us is important, if we have a mirror behind, be careful that it does not come out or cover it so that it is not visible. You may see something that you don’t want it to be seen because of not having certain care.

Also how are you dressed, it is your house you will know how you can dress, but at least be decent and not in boxers or without a shirt. We must take care of how we see ourselves, since even if it is at a distance, we must take care of our image.

Photo by ThisIsEngineering in Pexels


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